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1. Strategy for Identifying Appropriate Public Schools & Non-Profit Charter Schools 

UUH considers the following factors in identifying schools to work with: (i) the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic make-up of the community in which such school is located; (ii) the racial, ethnic, and socio-economic make-up of such school; and (iii) the school's current financial ability to provide its student's extra tutoring services. UUH will raise money through (i) grants, (ii) crowdfunding, and/or (iii) other donations to support the tutoring program expenses (see cost page).


2. Strategy for Identifying Appropriate Educated Volunteers

UUH recruits its volunteers in a variety of ways, including from (i) college campuses, (ii) social media forums, (iii) in-person conversations, and (iv) professional recruiting sites. The volunteers are comprised of (i) undergraduate and graduate students with a 3.2/4.0 GPA minimum, (ii) university graduates, (iii) all with an interest in serving communities of racial and ethnic minorities and low-income individuals. In addition, UUH connects with the respective schools' National Honor Societies (NHS"). NHS students are comprised of equally high-performing individuals that are required to meet a minimum number of volunteer hours per their program's requirements. 


3. Strategy for Executing UUH's Supplemental Tutoring Program

Step 1: Teachers from eligible schools within eligible districts will be notified of UUH’s interest in offering free supplemental tutoring in a virtual and/or in-person environment.


Step 2: If a teacher is interested, then he or she will encourage their students/students' parents to sign up.


Step 3: The parent and/or student will go to UUH’s website to learn more about UUH’s volunteers and their availability.


Step 4: The parent and/or student will enroll on UUH’s website and provide details about the tutoring type and subject that would be most helpful based on criteria such as a student’s grades and subject-matter comfort level. All minor students must receive parental consent before enrolling.


Step 5: The UUH team will pair the student with a volunteer based on availability, need, and interests.


4. Strategy for Measuring UUH's Program Success


Measurable 1: Student feedback at semester end.


Measurable 2: Parent feedback at semester end.


Measurable 3: Teacher feedback at semester end.


Measurable 4: Grade improvements at semester end.


Measurable 5: Student’s decision to continue being enrolled in program. 


5. Strategy Through Data


UUH will obtain objective and subjective data to measure the success of its tutoring program and participating studens. UUH will request that students provide a copy (or other certification) of their grades at the end of each academic period enrolled in the tutoring program. UUH will provide a questionnaire for completion by each student and such student’s parents and teachers. The questionnaire is designed to indicate things such as the student’s comfort with (i) the subject matter before and after participating in tutoring, (ii) the educational process before and after participating in tutoring, and (iii) the student’s overall confidence in themselves. 


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oakland hope 

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