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Miles For Donation Videographer

Meet Christian Kassab,

the videographer for UUH's Miles For Donations campaign. Christian has been immersed in the videography world for over seven years. In fact, he started making home videos back in grade school! Now, Christian is the Co-Founder of Bokeh Boys—a photo and video production company—and a rising junior at the University of Michigan where he studies business enterprise and performing arts management.

Christian also utilizes his passion and talents for videography in the public service sector. When asked what his services would cost Unified Under Hope—a non-profit—Christian quoted UUH $0. He explained his empathy towards communities negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and wanted to help. Not only is Christian a talented videographer, he's a public servant and a kind person.

Thank you, Christian, for helping UUH expand on its philanthropy efforts by providing us with creative and attention-grabbing content. We are beyond grateful.

- The Unified Under Hope Team

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