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Miles For Donation Creators

Meet Michael Gamarra and Megan McNamara,

the creators of #MilesForDonation! Mike and Megan were passionate about helping our medical frontline heroes, and thought creatively about ways to help. After seeing some of the wonderful work Unified Under Hope was doing, Mike and Megan reached out with a plan: Miles For Donation! So how does it work:

Step #1: Determine how many miles you plan on running in one week. Mike decided on 26.2 miles! He has been the distance champion thus far—remember—one week deadline.

Step #2: Find a sponsor or two . . . maybe three? . . . no let's go four or five. Have your sponsor(s) pledge a donation per mile you run, and have them donate in advance at UUH's donate now page. In Mike's case, a mere $1 dollar per mile pledge was enough for a $26.20 dollar donation made in advance!

Step #3: Accept the challenge on Instagram or Facebook. Tag @UnifiedUnderHope and challenge 5 friends. Be sure to include how far you plan to run that week (in miles) and how many sponsors will be funding you!

Step #4: Don't flake.

Step #5: Track your run daily, while tagging @unifiedunderhope.

Step #6: Have fun and watch to see if your friends can beat your distance and/or sponsor amount. It is a challenge after all . . .

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