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Corporate Law firm Helps UUH Obtain 501(c)(3)

Unified Under Hope (UUH) is excited to announce its alliance with Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP (NGE) in an effort to obtain a 501(c)(3) certification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

NGE and its 150 lawyers is one of the largest single-office law firms in the nation, located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois. Beyond its corporate law successes and sophisticated practices, NGE is committed to its community and pro bono work. In fact, NGE has agreed to help UUH obtain a 501(c)(3) on a pro bono basis, allowing our organization to maximize its efforts.

UUH sought to obtain a 501(c)(3) to create trust amongst outside donors who may be uncertain as to the legitimacy of UUH and its efforts—especially given its recent inception. Moreover, UUH is committed to providing it's donors with the tax exemptions they deserve for their generosity.

On behalf of the entire Unified Under Hope family, we thank NGE for their commitment and dedication to our organization and its donors.

- The Unified Under Hope Team

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