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jousef shkoukani

Founder & President

Jousef is a 2L at Michigan State University College of Law from Macomb Township, Michigan. He has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Oakland University. Professionally, Jousef is interested in Litigation, Corporate Law, and Employment Law. Outside of school, Jousef enjoys working out, playing golf, binging Netflix series, running, and hanging out with family and friends.

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Ayah koujane

Operations Director & Vice President

Ayah Koujane is a Nutrition Specialist at a WIC clinic based in Detroit, Michigan. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science from Wayne State University. Professionally, Ayah is interested in pediatric nutrition, obesity management, and the treatment of diabetes in adults. Outside of work, Ayah enjoys meal planning, working out, and spending time with family.




Ayah Aly is a first year pharmacy student at Touro University from Troy, Michigan. She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences with a Pre-Pharmacy focus from Oakland University. Professionally, Ayah is interested in community pharmacy as well as ambulatory care pharmacy. Outside of school, Ayah enjoys traveling, playing soccer, hiking, & spending time with friends & family.

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Information Technology Director

Referred to as "Barhooma" by most, he is a Sophomore at Oakland University where he is working towards a (M.I.S) degree. Barhooma is from Farmington Hills, Michigan, and enjoys playing sports such as basketball and soccer. He is also big on binging television shows and playing video games. And apparently, Barhooma also likes creating websites for non-profit organizations, which you may or may not be witnessing at this very moment.



Shireen Kaakarli is a sophomore at Oakland University from Troy, Michigan. She is working towards a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Professionally, Shireen is interested in Unified Under Hope and works at a local Bubble tea Cafe and Bakery. Outside of school and work, Shireen enjoys volunteering at her local mosque, rewatching The Office on Netflix, and spending time with her family.

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NOOR samman

Communication Associate

Noor is going to be entering her D1 year at The Ohio State University School of Dentistry. She has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Kent State University. Professionally, Noor is interested in public health advocacy, and community service. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, discovering new food spots and spending time with family and friends.


maya alhusein

Communication Associate

Maya Alhusein is a Junior at Oakland University from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She is working towards a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Oakland University with a minor in Psychology. Maya is interested in entering the field of medicine and helping underprivileged communities. In her free time, she enjoys working out, listening to music, and spending time with her family & friends.



Outreach Associate

Zuhayr Chowdhury is a Sophomore at Oakland University from Rochester Hills, MI. He is working towards a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Outside of work and school, Zuhayr enjoys playing soccer and basketball, as well as hanging out with friends.

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Director of Research and Responsibilities

Abdelatif Shkoukani is a Design Engineer at Sumitomo Electric Wiring Systems based in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He received his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University in winter of 2019. Professionally he is interested in the electrification of passenger vehicles and sees himself working with the cars of the future. Outside of work, Abdelatif likes to play basketball at local parks with friends and family and going on long bike rides

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sishir buddharaju

Director of Graphic Design

Sishir Buddharaju is a graduate of Wayne State University from Detroit, Michigan. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in May 2020. Professionally, Sishir is interested in foreign affairs, photography, and web design. Outside of work, Sishir enjoys riding his bike, taking photos, and skating.

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