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Jousef Shkoukani

Defense Litigation, (Attorney), Chicago, IL 2021 – Present

Unified Under Hope (Founder), Detroit, MI 2020 – Present

MSU Law School (Class President), Lansing, MI 2018 – 2021

Oakland University (Accounting), Rochester, MI 2014 – 2018

Emgage’s 2020 Youth Engagement Award Recipient

My Story

           Jousef started Unified Under Hope in 2020 with a simple mission: create a more
equitable Michigan. At the time of Unified Under Hope’s inception, the world was in the midst
of a global pandemic. That is why we spent our first year reacting to these health disparities by
donating over $9,000 in protective equipment to underprivileged hospitals in lower
socioeconomic areas. Once stabilized, UUH spent time understanding the root of disparate health
problems in the U.S. What we found out changed shifted the paradigm and efforts of our
nonprofit. Addressing education inequality is a must. For a quality education leads to better
college opportunities. That is why Jousef and the UUH team is passionate about this tutoring
initiative with Salina Intermediate.

           Outside of UUH, Jousef spends his time living and working in Chicago, Illinois. He and
his wife work at a boutique defense litigation firm called Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP. Jousef
specializes in litigating on behalf of individuals and companies whom create innovative products
that help solve some of society’s problems. He also does a lot of pro bono work for immigrants
applying for asylum here in America. His most recent case concluded in November 2022 where
he was able to reverse a prior denial decision and turn it into a grant of asylum for his Somalian
client fleeing his home country. Jousef enjoys using his legal knowledge and law firm position to
help others, which is why he is so passionate about his work with Unified Under Hope.

           I would be helpful at supporting students on writing needs, grammar, math, and history.
Science to some extent too, but less great that subject. It would be an honor to help! Thanks for
reading and taking interest in the program.

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